What to Consider When Remodeling your Bathroom

C. Haynes Construction
You want to remodel your bathroom. You have so many ideas as to what you’re going to do with it. We advise you to put yourself in check just a little bit. In this article, we’ll go over what to consider when remodeling your bathroom so you can get the bathroom you want without going crazy.

How do I use my bathroom?

Are you a shower, brush your teeth and get the heck out of there kind of person or is your bathroom your sanctuary? The more time you spend in your bathroom, the more thought you’re going to want to put into the design. If you’re an on the run kind of bathroom user, you may not need to think so much about specifics and particulars. You may be going for a more general look and feel. If you shower with another, maybe you want to put two shower heads in there. A bathroom must be functional.  If you’re aging, you may want certain no-slip features or a walk-in tub. Truth is – you’ve got to keep in mind who you are and what you use the bathroom for before you renovate it at all.

What kind of floor do I want?

Flooring in a bathroom should be safe and secure. You don’t want to slip in your bathroom. You also don’t want water to ruin the floors. Bathroom floors should be easy to care for. Porcelain and glazed tile floors are great choices for bathrooms. Porous natural stone floors, although beautiful, will eventually become stained unless you seal them vigilantly. For a great non-slip floor, choose a tile with a textured finish. Matte finishes and sand-containing glazes are also great too. Yet another option to consider is a small tile with lots of grout lines. It offers more grip than larger tiles.

What colors do I want?

You should use idea boards on Houzz and pins on Pinterest to curate ideas for the color you want in your bathroom. Remember – there are so many shades of white so even if you want a traditional bathroom in black and white you’ve got a lot of decision making. You may even want to get some color swatches and put them in your bathroom. Make sure you love them before you have to live with them.

What do I need and what can I afford?

You should consider what you need for your bathroom renovation as well as what you can afford for it. You can’t expect to put a huge tub in the room if you really have no place for it or it costs more than entire remodeling budget. You’ve got to think about what need and want and have the money for. A bathroom remodel must be practical.

Is there more you can consider before remodeling your bathroom? Sure, there is. We think this is a good start. We, at C. Haynes Construction, are happy to help you out. Give us a call at 512-417-4523 for more information.

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