Hot Trends in Wood Flooring

C. Haynes ConstructionWood flooring is still very popular with homeowners. They love the look and feel of wood. In this article, we’ll go over some of the hot trends in wood flooring so, when you decide to remodel, you can make an educated decision about going with wood. That is, if you decide to.

Demand for lighter tones in wood flooring

As the economy is rebounding, remodelers are noticing that people want lighter wood floors. Some of them are refinished to look like driftwood or washed in white. The overall appeal is to give a beachy look to the house. Michael Martin, CEO of the National Wood Flooring Association, has this to say, “Many of us remember the pickled light woods of 25 years ago. The gray, white and lighter multiple stain color processes of today are this generation’s version of that trend.”

Demand for larger planks

Most traditional wood floors have plants with widths of 2 ¼ to 3 ½ inches. However, some homeowners are now looking at planks that are 6 inches wide or bigger. Wider and longer planks allow the engineered materials to move less and be more stable. This, of course, depends on the humidity of the home.

Wood flooring in kitchens

We seem to have this ‘great room’ concept that unites family room and kitchen. As a result, there’s a greater desire for kitchens with wood floors. Consistent flooring is becoming increasingly important and a popular route to take with these floors is the laminate route. Laminate creates structural stability with the look of wood. There’s less movement in the floor. It’s also less expensive than solid hardwood.

Paying for a new floor that looks old

People are willing to shell out some serious cash to have their wood stained and lightened. They want it to look worn in and well-used. Why? We’re not sure, but the trend is definitely not going away. In a related trend, people are also looking to repurpose hardwood that has been salvaged from older residential flooring or even from old barns. It’s sort of what happened with blue jeans. Remodelers are making the floors look worn. One of the good things that comes from this is that if you get a floor that’s been roughed up already, it’s easier to hide nicks and scratches.

Now that you see some trends in wood flooring, we hope you’ll give us a call at 512-417-4523 to put down your new wood flooring. We’d love to help you out.

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