I really like Chris Haynes and his work.  He is thorough and asks the right questions to arrive at a cost estimate that matches the work and quality needed per project.  He is somewhere in between a general contractor and a handyman…

He can build, remodel, paint, or repair just about anything and he has a team of subs for electrical/hvac/ and plumbing. The first client of mine who worked with Chris wanted a kitchenette added to a living area, repairs to an older hvac, and a roof replaced… an easy list for a general contractor but not so easy for the average handyman. I would not be afraid to hand him a larger, more involved project with a lot of moving parts.

Chris looks like he is about 22 so my immediate thought was to ask him a lot of questions to make sure he knew the ropes.  He matched my questions with some answers and more questions of his own that helped refine the scope of the project, and after 30 minutes with him, I knew we had the right man for the job.

He is likeable, a straight shooter, and a hardworker.  He is young, but has been doing construction projects since 2005, so don’t hold his youthful exuberance against him… he is smart, and i hope he still has time for more of my projects after he get some well-deserved yelp attention.

Kimberly K.

I had another company come in a try to do a remodel on my house and I found out the hard way that you pay for what you get. After tearing everything out the company just left and no way to get a hold of them. I called C. Haynes Construction and they were so easy to deal with. Not only that but they were out fairly quickly and got the job done right. So happy and would recommend them to anyone.

Robert O.